10 Ways Doulas Serve the Whole Family

Photo of a family - man with his arm around a woman who is holding a gazing newborn.

What a ride it’s been. You found out you’re expecting and announced it to your family and friends. You probably talked a lot about bodily changes and functions during pregnancy. You’ve discussed plans and hopes for your new baby. Now it’s time for the big stuff.

Are you prepared for the physical and emotional work that labor and postpartum recovery may mean for you?

Birthing peoples’ partners don’t often get much credit or attention. You’ll probably have to provide a lot of physical and emotional support for the person you love even when you may feel afraid or anxious yourself. Your partner will likely need time to recover physically and emotionally from birth, and running the household may fall heavily on you.

Doulas provide invaluable support not just for birthing people but also their partners, children, and families, too. Here’s how: 

  1. Continuous support can shorten labor and decrease the need for medical intervention (source). This may mean a lot less overall stress on you and your family throughout the process!
  2. Trained doulas have an array of pain management, relaxation, breathing, and emotional comfort techniques in their toolkits. If this is your first childbirth rodeo (and even if it’s not), your doula can help ease physical discomfort and emotional stress for you both.
  3. Having your team of trusted doulas behind you gives you the opportunity to rest, reflect, and care for yourself. (Trust us, tired and hangry is not helpful!) Even if you need to step out, your partner will always have a familiar face in the room.
  4. Birth doulas do not provide medical treatment or advice, but we can help you communicate your needs and wishes with medical staff during a stressful time.
  5. Your birth experience matters, too. A birth doula can show you how to be as involved as you like and cope with your own emotions.
  6. For you, the real work may begin after you come home. Postpartum doulas can lend a hand around the house or run errands so you can rest and bond with your partner and new baby.
  7. Doula support after birth can help reduce the risk of postpartum mood disorders in the mother and improve breastfeeding outcomes (source). This means less stress for them and you.
  8. Doulas provide judgment-free advice, support, and encouragement for new parents without any relational baggage that family members might bring in. (Do you really want your mom and partner under the same roof for a week if they don’t get along?)  They can help give well-meaning grandparents a way to connect without overstepping. 
  9. You’re probably used to talking to your partner about everything. Don’t be surprised if they are less available emotionally after the birth. We know that a listening ear or a good laugh can go a long way in reducing stress. Our trained doulas provide emotional support for both new parents.
  10. Your older children will still need care and attention while you focus on your newborn. Postpartum doulas can care for siblings and help them transition into their new role.

Everyone in your family can benefit from having a doula attend the birth of your baby and provide postpartum support. Give yourselves the gift of support and security by hiring a doula to help you through this incredible transition. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.