Air Purifying Plants for Your Baby’s Nursery

Plants are an amazing way to brighten up any space, especially a nursery. They have air purifying qualities. It’s also so much fun to watch these plants grow along with your new little baby! We have gathered some of out favorites as well as where you can purchase!

Spider Plant – Gorgeous plant that varies in size from small, medium, large. The rich green colors, sometimes with variegation make it a nice complement to any nursery colors.  (Purchase here)

Snake Plant – Gorgeous deep green leaves shoot think and straight into the air. Good option to give any space depth. Wonderful for a floor plant once the leaves are nice and tall. Maintenance level – low (Purchase here)

Purple Pearl – A gorgeous succulent. Loves lots of nice bright light and will have baby’s of it’s own (chicks) pop up if cared for correctly. Maintenance level – moderate (Purchases here)

Prayer Plant – These unique leaves actually fold at night! Nice deep green color! (Purchases here)

Ponytail Palm – Such a fun plant that curls and weaves on its way to new growth. These can grow large if given the time and space. (Purchases here)

Parlor Palm – A full, green plant. Perfect under a window or to spruce up a corner. (Purchases here)

English Ivy – Super traditional plant. Beautiful hung from the ceiling to drape. (Purchase here)

Boston Fern – Another classic. Beautiful in a fern basket under a window or hanging down from the ceiling. (Purchases here)

Baby Tears – Carpet of gorgeous light green leaves; loves to hang down (Purchases here)


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