Our baby is here! A letter to our loved ones.

To our friends and loved ones,

We are thrilled to announce our sweet baby has arrived! We are home soaking everything in and adjusting to being a new family. We know you can’t wait to meet this little cutie and enjoy endless snuggles, and we are excited to introduce our baby to those we love most.

Of course, with every new beginning comes new challenges and there are many things that would help these first few weeks go smoothly and peacefully. We would love if you’d consider supporting us in some of these simple and tangible ways. You may even earn some extra baby cuddles!

Schedule your visit.

Having a baby is beautiful and exciting, but it’s also messy and overwhelming and exhausting. We won’t always be prepared to welcome you in, and there are times we need sleep or a shower over company. Please give us a call to schedule a time to come by so we can fully enjoy our time together!

Call ahead and ask if you can bring anything.

Getting out of the house with a newborn is a daunting task, and between the postpartum recovery and sleep deprivation it’s often the last thing on our to-do list. Bringing an item that we need (*ahem* coffee) is a wonderful way to care for our family.

Ask how long it’s OK to stay.

Remember that whole beautiful but messy thing we mentioned? The reality is yesterday we may have been feeling great but today has involved tears from not just the baby. The hour-long visit we were once excited for is now the last thing we desire. When you arrive, check in to see how we’re doing and how long we’d like you to stay. We promise we’ll invite you back once things have settled back down!

Spend time with the older siblings.

Becoming an older sibling is hard, especially when everyone coming to visit is no longer excited to play with you but instead is swooning over the new baby. Before tending to us or the baby, spend some quality time with big brother and sister. Your undivided attention will leave them feeling so loved, special, and important.

Throw a load of laundry in the wash or fold the clothes in the dryer (or both!)

Let’s be frank: babies are gross (hello, blow-out #2 of the day). By the time we’ve finished washing a load of spit- and pooped-on laundry, it seems another two have taken its place. Tossing in a dirty load of laundry or folding the clothes in the dryer will help us tackle this magical reappearing act.

Bring us a meal.

As they say, food is the quickest way to a person’s heart, and with a new baby to care for and no time to cook this is especially true! We would love if you’d bring us a meal. Not only will you earn some major brownie points (bring actual brownies and those points will triple!), but you’ll be providing us the gift of more time we can focus on our family instead of in the kitchen.

Load/empty the dishwasher.

Even when we have the opportunity to cook, we’re not always able to tackle the dishes right away. Check to see if the sink or dishwasher is full and if so, clean or put away the dishes. This small task will literally take a load off of us.

Thank you so much for considering all these ways to love and support us. We look forward to welcoming you into our home soon!


Our new family.