Navigating the sea of information available regarding pregnancy, birth and parenting can be overwhelming. Finding information that is free of judgment and explores the choices that are best for your family can seem impossible. That’s why we’ve designed a series of comprehensive, engaging classes with your family in mind. Our classes provide evidence-based information in a fun, easy-to-understand way that will prepare you for the big experiences ahead.

Birthing From Within

Our Birthing from Within classes are engaging, interactive, creative classes that engage the mind, body, and heart to prepare you for a confident, mindful, loving birth. In addition to giving you the evidence-based information you need to navigate birth in modern society, these Birthing From Within classes will help you develop the tools you need to find your own unique path through the initiation of giving birth.

Each class includes: a different mindfulness pain coping technique; an informational module on pregnancy and birth; a multi-sensory activity to integrate and embody the lessons; and a ceremonial closing.

“Pam made me feel empowered, in-the-know, and at ease even when the many changes of birth came into play!
And when I didn’t feel at ease, she had given us tools to deal with that too!” ~ Victoria W.

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Two Day Comprehensive CBE

“I just wanted to let you know how great, interesting and informative your course was! Matt and I had the feel the classes passed so fast and could have continued listening to you.”

During the intensive comprehensive child birth preparation course you will learn how to diminish fears surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth and early parenting. We discuss the natural physiological process of labor and birth, giving you the confidence and understanding to work with your body during birth. Birth partners are given specific tools that enable them to provide comfort and support while empowering them to maintain a calm but active role in the birth. We cover ways to navigate through unexpected turns of events using evidence based information and informed decision making.  Feeding, postpartum care and newborn care are discussed to give you and your family the most comfortable transition into your new life.

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