Horrified. Guilty. Confused. Sorry.

After weeks of failing to get a nasty diaper rash to clear up, we finally had an answer: our daughter had a staph infection. And I felt all those emotions – quickly and intensely.

How could I as her mother, her primary care provider, let that happen? How did I not know just how bad it was?

Simple: I was a busy mom who didn’t know much past “she’s obviously upset about her bottom hurting” and “we gotta keep up with regular baths, air time and thick slatherings of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.”

Thankfully, all that was needed to fix it was an antibiotic and a little TLC from me. So why am I sharing this with you? Because it’s not that simple for everyone.

1 in 3 families in America struggle to provide clean diapers for their children. That’s not a small number.

For many families, a baby sitting too long in a dirty diaper is the norm. Parents wonder how they’ll afford the next pack of diapers. They’re reusing dirty ones –  dumping the solids and putting them back on bottoms – because they need the few diapers they have to last until the next paycheck.

Did you know that social welfare programs like WIC or food stamps don’t cover diapers?

Babies end up with irritated bottoms and rashes, the discomfort and pain causing them to cry. Stressed out parents can be pushed to the brink, putting these babies at risk for abuse. Imagine how it would feel to know you couldn’t provide such a basic necessity for your child and, ipso facto, causing them physical harm? It truly breaks my heart to put myself in that parent’s shoes.

Please join me in helping raise awareness and support for diaper need in our community. Diapers aren’t just for babies; they help reduce stress on families and communities – our communities. YOU can make a difference. Here’s how:

  • Donate diapers
    We have a number of diaper donation boxes in the area, including:

NOVA Natural Birth Center (Chantilly)        – ChiroGroup (Alexandria)

StoneSprings Hospital Center (Aldie)         – NoVa PlayLabs (Chantilly)
– MCB Quantico (coming soon)                       – Destination Maternity (Fairfax Corner)

Want to host a box? Shoot us an email: info@doulasofnorthernva.com. We’ll also be collecting diapers on site at our No Child Wet Behind event on May 21st.

  • Register to run/walk
    Enjoy the beauty of the W&OD trail while supporting a great cause sand getting some exercise. Not a runner? Our 1-mile Family Fun Run/Walk is stroller-friendly and a great alternative. If you have kids, why not set the example and show them the importance of supporting the community? You’re also welcome to create your own team.
  • Donate money
    It may sound a little frigid and forthright, but financial donations make a big impact. Please consider supporting our beneficiary the DC DIaper Bank through their Factor of 12 program. $12/month means they can diaper a baby for two weeks. That makes a huge difference to babies and their families.
  • Volunteer
    The DC Diaper Bank has an awesome warehouse in Silver Spring. There’s even an Ikea-sponsored kids’ play area so the whole family can participate. (Their bubbly Program Manager Lisa says, “If they can count to five, we can put ‘em to work!” Kids can help count and bundle diapers for stocking and delivery.) Need another incentive? They’ve even got Whine Nights at the warehouse. Sign up for a shift here.