Nikkea Anderson


Thirteen years and counting in the early childhood education field. No kids of my own but I sure do have a passion for partnering with families to raise up children in the ways that they should go, they are our future after all! For the past seven years I have trained with the department of defense to become among the cream of the crop of early educators. Children learn so much in their first few years of life. I believe molding little minds starts long before kindergarten years. As a preschool teacher I get to educate the children of the soldiers of the United States military, and I wear it as a badge of honor. In a way I’m serving the country too. Along the way I have also developed a compassionate heart for empowering my fellow women, being the support for my sisters that I lacked growing up as a bit of an oddball. When I learned that I could get paid for doing something that I’d probably do for a close friend for free and combine it with my love for working with tiny humans I jumped at the chance! Birth-work is literally a chance to lead with my servant’s heart.

I really am a one stop shop when it comes to your childcare needs! I serve families during pregnancy, birth and well into postpartum.

I hope to help families with the behind-the-scenes parts of newborn care that are really challenging and sometimes people are too intimidated to ask for help. I have stood in the game with many families in the past 13 years navigating postpartum, big feelings, temper tantrums, picky eaters, potty training and doing that in a global pandemic! I don’t claim to know it all or be a baby whisperer… but I am committed to stepping into this very vulnerable space with you to tackle child rearing together.

I am convinced that more than half of adults are in therapy because of childhood trauma. It’s truly my heart’s desire to step in and help families raise happy whole children we don’t have to fake it till we make it I’m here for you!”

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