Taniqua James


Taniqua began her doula journey while working in the labor and delivery unit of a hospital in 2015. It was in this position that her love for supporting families grew as she worked side by side the other L&D staff. Through her job at the hospital she switched over to the postpartum unit; swaddling newborns, first baths, first feedings, night shift rotations and ensuring mothers were recovering well. Taniqua quickly knew she found her passion and soon after began her career as a birth and postpartum doula. She took some hands on training within the hospital where she was employed and is also trained with Childbirth International (CBI).

Taniqua prides herself on her meticulously attention to detail and positive attitude!

“It wasn’t until I had my own daughter and wanted a doula and couldn’t have one that I knew I wanted to be there for another mom who needed support through birth and after. Just making a difference in the many families I aided verified that being a doula was my calling.”

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