Whitney Reitz


A true believer in the sacredness of pregnancy and birth, Whitney says the magic of birth never ceases to amaze and fascinate her. In her previous work for the Federal Government, she rallied for humanitarian issues focusing on refugees, asylum-seekers, and maternal and child care. As your doula, she brings not only her operational experience and competence, but also her unconditional, warm, and focused support to your family unit.

Whitney’s hope for each of her clients is that they have an experience they treasure. For new babies, she wants to facilitate the best, gentlest possible transition that honors the bond between mother and baby. Whitney says, “My life experience has taught me the strength of loving acceptance, empathy, and true connection, especially in moments of trial and transformation. We are meant to
come alongside each other in those times and lift each other up.”

A lover of languages, Whitney also speaks Russian, French, Norwegian, Swedish, and a bit of Spanish. She is currently training as a massage therapist to enhance her mother-baby support. You can find her reading, hiking, rowing, practicing tae kwon do, contra-dancing, crocheting, or playing the piano.

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