Eat my WHAT? – Part I

flat lay of white bowl full of light brown capsules and flowers in the distance

As a pregnant woman, you may be asked, “Have you considered consuming your placenta?” Ok, let’s be real, it’ll probably sound more like, “Are you going to eat your placenta?!” and possibly be accompanied by a Kristen Wiig as Aunt Linda from “The Weekend Report”-style face.


Before we get into the (gasp!) ingesting part, let’s talk for a second about the placenta in general. You probably know that you didn’t have one until you got pregnant, and that your body instinctively knew to begin creating the organ. It serves a myriad of functions during pregnancy including providing oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby, producing hormones, and removing baby’s waste.

After delivery, you may be asked if you’d like to see it. (Well, would you? This is a good start to thinking about your real-world answer.) However you answer, you may also be asked, “Do you want to keep it?” (Again, this is a good time to consider your response.) Some women choose to keep it for, you guessed it, encapsulating and ingesting. Others choose to symbolically and/or ceremoniously plant it in their gardens or yards. And others aren’t quite sure what they want to do with it just yet, but know they’d like to keep it and elect to freeze it.

No matter what you choose, in most cases, it’s ultimately your choice and we whole-heartedly support whatever that is.

Check out, “Eat my WHAT? – Part II” here where I discuss how exactly we help women “eat” their placentas and what it may mean for them.