If you’re pregnant in Loudoun County, you’ve likely heard of Loudoun Community Midwives. Their practice, which includes five delivering certified nurse-midwives (CNMs), has been serving the community for over a decade. Notorious for their intimate care provided to birthing women at Inova Loudoun through both The Birthing Inn and the Natural Birth Center, it came as quite a surprise when they announced late this summer that they would be moving to StoneSprings Hospital Center (SSHC).

With the sudden change, there, naturally, also came a lot of questions.*

Here’s the low-down on the big move (as of 10/11/2017):

Why the move?

LCM wants to continue successfully and safely practicing like they have for the last 18 years. When recent decisions were made by Inova Loudoun, they were effectively unable to continue practicing the same way and decided to relocate to a hospital that supported their approach and practices. At the time, SSHC didn’t have any midwives with privileges to deliver at its facility and was eager to welcome them in.

What does the timeline for the move look like?

They were expecting the SSHC credentialing process to be completed by 10/6/2017. AquaDoula tubs are currently being installed for hydrotherapy during labor. The goal is still December, though nothing is guaranteed. LCM and SSHC want to make sure everything is in order to ensure you have the birth experience you’re hoping for. This includes equipment and back-up obstetricians.

What will giving birth at SSHC cost me? 

That depends on a lot of variables and will vary from person to person. Hospitals have negotiated, set covered charges with insurance companies. Things like co-insurance, co-pays, and deductibles play a large role in the actual cost for you, personally. You can ask your insurance provider if StoneSprings is in-network. (The hospital’s NPI number is #1972904738.) You can also ask to speak to a hospital financial counselor who can walk you through costs as they relate to your particular insurance provider.

What will this mean for my labor experience? 

LCM and the SSHC team are working hard to continue giving birthing women many options for non-medical pain management. From birth slings (like those discussed here) to peanut balls and tubs to a specific, nutritious menu to order from during labor, they’ll have you covered.

What will my postpartum stay be like?

Rooms have been equipped with queen-sized beds so that you can share it with your partner for comfort and bonding if you so choose. They’ll also have the option to order a family pizza party to celebrate. (Not kidding.)

What will happen to the LCM offices? 

The Lansdowne and Berryville offices will remain open. There will be new office space located at SSHC as well.

What if my baby needs to go to the NICU?

SSHC can handle basic newborn needs that arise. If further attention is needed, your baby’s care will be transferred to SSHC’s sister hospital, Reston, which has a Level III-A NICU. SSHC has slated to build out a Level II NICU once the hospital deems there is enough need (through numbers of deliveries) and it is anticipated that those numbers will be reached within six months of operation.

Can I work with a doula at the new hospital?

A resounding YES! Both LCM and the L&D staff encourage families looking for intimate perinatal care, including emotional and physical support, to work with a doula. Our team is well-versed in the standard policies, procedures, and approaches of both the midwives and the hospital staff and are very much looking forward to continued work with both teams.

*If you have additional questions that pertain specifically to LCM or SSHC, please get in touch with the following contacts:

  • Patient Access: Angie Maya (angie.maya@parallon.com)
  • Acting CFO of StoneSprings: Debbie Kyzar (debbie.kyzar@hcahealthcare.com)
  • LCM Administrator: Cindy Fiedler (cfiedler@lmgdoctors.com)