Tanja Delaney


Before becoming a doula and newborn care specialist, Tanja earned her business administration degree and served over a decade in the banking industry where she fostered her love of supporting people and making them feel important. Her experience as a military spouse also played a part in her decision to become a doula. During her own path to motherhood, she knew she wanted a certain birth experience but was far from family and didn’t know where to start.

Tanja says, “Attending births and being there to help a family experience one of the most amazing moments is, by far, the best decision I have made. To see their faces when their babies are born speaks volumes about what we do as doulas.”

When she’s not doula-ing, she enjoys substitute teaching, relaxing in her PJs with a cup of coffee, catching an episode of Judge Judy and eating brownies, especially the edges. Tanja resides in Haymarket and is a mother of two awesome, young adult sons and a mini schnauzer.

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Amanda Barrett Wilcox


Amanda is a DONA-trained birth doula and CAPPA-trained postpartum doula. After giving birth to her own children, Amanda was humbled and empowered by what her body could do. This inspiration planted the seed to help other women discover their strength, before and after birth, no matter how they choose to do so. She sees in her work that supporting a woman without judgment during this powerful time is incredibly therapeutic in coping with the challenges of motherhood.

Amanda Barrett Wilcox of Doulas of Northern Virgina
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Whitney Reitz


A true believer in the sacredness of pregnancy and birth, Whitney says the magic of birth never ceases to amaze and fascinate her. In her previous work for the Federal Government, she rallied for humanitarian issues focusing on refugees, asylum-seekers, and maternal and child care. As your doula, she brings not only her operational experience and competence, but also her unconditional, warm, and focused support to your family unit.

Whitney’s hope for each of her clients is that they have an experience they treasure. For new babies, she wants to facilitate the best, gentlest possible transition that honors the bond between mother and baby. Whitney says, “My life experience has taught me the strength of loving acceptance, empathy, and true connection, especially in moments of trial and transformation. We are meant to come alongside each other in those times and lift each other up.”

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Holly Dobrynski


A five-year veteran as both a birth and postpartum doula, Holly has been an asset to many families in the Northern Virginia/DC region. Her clients appreciate and enjoy her wisdom, careful attention, warmth, and candid humor. Holly is also a Certified Lactation Counselor with nearly ten years of lactation experience. Being a mother and doula, Holly’s approach is nurturing and accepting. Her hopes for her clients are that they have warm, love-filled experiences in the perinatal period that they reflect on with satisfaction – however they define it.

Holly is also an avid reader, writer, and volleyball player. She has a background in Education and has worked as a paralegal, journalist, and editor before becoming a doula. She resides in Sterling, VA with her husband and four children.

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Brenda Finn


Brenda finds working with expecting families a nourishing gift. A doula since 2003, Brenda’s passion for empowered birth has long strengthened our community. She’s served as an active member of LLL (La Leche League) and ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network), as well as a leader in a local API (Attachment Parenting International) group. As a mother who’s birthed via Cesarean herself as well as had her own successful VBACs, she’s intimately aware of the unique needs of these parents. Working with Brenda means benefiting from her gentle compassion and unconditional support.

Brenda has a background in math and computer science, and a knack for building software. This translates to her strong ability to take complex information and relay it in understandable terms.

She lives in Bristow, VA with her three children, husband Paul, his three children, and four furry felines. She is an avid movie-watcher, enjoys playing games with her family, and taking care of her health through food and yoga.

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Taylor Lichtman


From a young age, Taylor has been interested in pregnancy, birth, and babies. When she met a doula during a yoga instructor training, she received the push she needed into the doula world. She now serves as both a birth and postpartum doula and is certain she has found the career she’s been aching for all these years.

When she sees an expecting or new mom, she thinks, “I am so excited for her! She is entering a new phase of her life and is about to learn so much about herself and the world.” As a doula, the best gift Taylor gives to women is compassion, listening ears, and non-judgmental support.

Some of her favorite things to do include enjoying a good bowl of chocolate ice cream, practicing and teaching yoga, and relaxing with her partner Sam, pup Daisy, and an adult coloring book.

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Nathalie Grolleman


While working as a nurse in the Netherlands, Nathalie served countless patients in both the Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby units. She also spent time working under pressure as an ICU nurse.

Almost as impactful in her decision to become a doula were her own birth and postpartum experiences. Feeling alone and unsure of how to handle the difficulties of labor, she and her husband hoped for more from their own experience. In contrast, she credits her wonderful start to motherhood to her postpartum doula who cared for her as she recovered from birth.

Described as open-minded, nurturing, and sincere, Nathalie’s eagerness to make clients’ experiences as positive as possible is one of the many gifts she brings to the table.

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Kaylie Groenhout


A nurturer by nature, Kaylie found a special love for pregnancy and birth when she delivered her first daughter overseas in Japan. A HypnoBirthing class she took during that time inspired what has turned into her passion and livelihood as a doula. Her degree in Communication and Event Management coupled with her compassionate birth support services allowed her business to flourish in Northern Virginia.  As a native Virginian, Kaylie is deeply rooted in the NOVA region and is passionate about supporting local families as they explore and find their own birth and parenting philosophies.

Kaylie values communication, respect, and nonjudgmental support. She offers compassionate care and a unique ability to meet each family where they are, recognizing their distinct and important family dynamics.

Doula Kaylie Groenhout of Doulas of Northern Virginia
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