Built in 2011, Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital serves the local DC/MD/VA area military community. It offers skilled obstetricians and midwives who attend births on post at the hospital.

Some things you should know about Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital and its OBs/Midwives:

  • Labor & Delivery has peanut balls on hand. These balls are a great tool for women who have epidurals as it allows for mother mobility in the bed (assisting in baby’s descent). As of this post, they’ve also ordered squat bars and their first two tubs for hydrotherapy use during labor.
  • They offer prenatal care to select high-risk clients (so you don’t necessarily have to travel to Walter Reed in DC).
  • They not only offer TOLAC (Trial Of Labor After Cesarean), but support it
  • Partners/Family Members: There’s a Starbucks for refueling on the third floor.
  • They’re doula-friendly! We love working with the great medical providers at this beautiful facility.

Interested? Check out their website and Facebook page and/or setup a tour. Please note that Labor & Delivery tours may not be available during flu season.