Provider Spotlight: George Washington University Hospital Midwives

The GW Midwives, also known as the Midwifery Services at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), are a team of certified nurse midwives who attend in-hospital births at George Washington University. They practice collaborative care, meaning they work with their physician colleagues and mothers together, and believe that doing so “yields the very best outcomes for pregnant women and their babies.”


Some things you should know about the GW Midwives:

  • They take their guidelines (also known as the “Pearls of Normal Birth”) pretty seriously and they’re selective about who they take on as patients. You might be a good candidate if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy (most importantly maintaining good nutrition and regular exercise) and natural childbirth (about 84% of their patients achieve this according to their Summer 2015 newsletter).
  •  They usually have a waitlist because of their popularity.
  • They offer unique options including VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean – and have an approximately 90% success rate to boot as of Summer 2015), vaginal breech births (I can personally speak on this), and water births (birthing in the tub).
  • They are truly incredible. These women are highly educated, skilled, and committed to supporting safe, personalized, memorable birth experiences for families throughout the DC metro area.

Interested? Check out their website and Facebook page and consider attending one of their regular Meet the Midwives events. Please note that Labor & Delivery tours may not be available during flu season.