The 4 Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask About Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy – the miracle of life. It can be an incredible, exciting journey and it can also come with its road bumps. Most women experience at least some sort of physical discomfort at some point during their pregnancies.

In the first trimester, it might be headaches or morning sickness from the flood of fluctuating hormones. Perhaps you just feel ridiculously tired.

And then maybe those ailments fade away and you begin experiencing backaches and/or leg cramps, both common discomforts during the second trimester that are often attributed to your changing body.

The highly anticipated third trimester can bring a mix of things – emotions of excitement and anxiety, maybe poor sleep (didn’t you just go to the bathroom?), sciatica nerve pain, and/or swelling. There’s no doubt you’ve got a lot going on while you wait for baby!

Enter Massage Hope.

A small, secluded spa-like space that focuses solely on massage, and that specializes in pre- and post-natal massage. The therapists here are trained specifically in treating your unique physical state and are keenly aware of how you may be emotionally feeling as well.

Now, you probably have a few questions about your care. I met with Rebecca (therapist) and Johnny (therapist and owner) to get the real answers to your intimate concerns.

What if I feel too big to get on the table? The staff’s highest priorities are your safety and comfort. They can lower the table so it’s more of a sit and then roll over. They can also offer you a hand. The tables are spacious and meant to accommodate all body sizes.

I’ve heard I shouldn’t get a prenatal massage until my second trimester because of the chance of miscarriage. Is this true? The concern here is the chance of miscarriage associated with the first trimester regardless of your choice to have a massage or not. There isn’t currently any substantive evidence to support the claim that first trimester massages increase any chance of miscarrying. Because of this, Massage Hope gladly offers massages at any point in your pregnancy and always suggests that women with high-risk pregnancies talk to their providers first.

I am (or think I will be) really uncomfortable with my body. Discretion and comfort are the names of the game. Lights are dimmed, quiet music is played and the staff is focused on how to help you – not what you look like.

I’m worried about leaking during my massage. If you schedule a postpartum massage, the staff will provide extra towels for absorption without even asking. No big deal. The bed even has a pillow that you can lay on top with, get this, cut outs for your breasts for maximum comfort. (It also has a “breakaway tummy” to help support your pelvis while you lie face down.)

Truth? Owner Johnny is a father of four himself and warmly shared with me, “I’m amazed by the pregnant and new mother’s body. It’s just incredible what it can do!”

Massage Hope is located in Lansdowne at 19490 Sandridge Way. Visit them online at and treat yourself to some much-deserved me time.